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Business history

Baan Ya Steak House was established in 2009 with the management team of Mr. Panthipa Wongdee and Khun Denrapee Wongdee. Beginning with the idea of ​​wanting to build a good shop Allowing people in Korat to have more options Which wants to bring Western-style food Adjusted to be more palatable to Thai people From creativity combined with the ability to cook, then came out as a restaurant with a menu that pleases many people. And also giving the shop a distinct identity That is likely to be Thai, mixed with Western culture harmoniously
  The origin of the name of Ban Ya Steak House is from the name of Thao Suranaree. Or the Korat people call "Yamo", which is the hero of the Korat people Was the inspiration for the name of Baan Ya Steak House.


"Steak Franchise by Thai people That wants to deliver happiness, deliciousness And the best service to our customers And create opportunities for progress for employees Until becoming a market leader brand The steak franchise (Thai style) that is well-known in the country and moving forward with international standard success. "



- Baan Ya Steak House is a restaurant brand with a wide range of products. Suitable for all target groups

- Has a unique unique flavor

- There are new product developments Keep up with the needs and popularity of the market all the time.

- have a standardized management and support system

- have a course to support operations

- Recognized by operators under the brand "Ban Ya Steak House"


target group
"Modern working groups and families Which pay attention to the meticulous quality of food and service standards "

Why take up franchise ?

1. Franchisee has received training from franchisor outsourced to both business fundamentals and unique knowledge of franchise businesses.

2. Franchisee is motivated by owning a business. By being encouraged to do business as a business of the franchisor 

3. Franchisee businesses will benefit from the well-known brand name and quickly be recognized.

4. The Franchisee invest less than building their own business.

5. Franchisor Saw will support and advise as much as Franchisee 

6. Franchisee receives appropriate benefits.

7. The Franchisee benefit from the bargain. Or have the power to order products at a cheaper price than a Franchisor 

8. Franchisee. will gain specific knowledge in doing business based on the experience of the Franchisor.

9. The business risk of the Franchisee will be greatly reduced.

10. Franchisor will support franchisee throughout the business operations.

11. Franchisee . has the right to use trademarks Service mark Trade names, patents, copyrights on various raw materials, business knowledge And trade secrets

12. Continuous benefit from product research and development

13. Receive marketing information and exchange experiences with other Sea franchises.

14. Benefit in doing business in the right place

15. Financial benefits

Qualifications of the franchisee

1. Being a person who can establish a juristic person And can be registered in Thailand

2. Able to find a store space in accordance with the standards set by the company.

3. have investment readiness

4. Can accept training To manage the restaurant

5. Compliance with the rules, conditions and standards of the company.

6. Patriotic in the restaurant business

7. Time to manage the restaurant.

8. Love and understanding in customer service

9. Be ready for personnel.

10. Have a good attitude And have knowledge and understanding of business operations under the franchise system

Franchise benefits

1. Intellectual Property Rights
The right to use the trademark "Baanya Steak House" as well as the right to provide services according to the standards of "Baanya Steak House" throughout the duration of the franchise contract.

2. Territory
With standards for protecting each franchisee's sales area. This results in no problems with overlapping sales areas. "Baanya Steak House" will consider the sales areas.
By granting permission to existing franchisees to consider additional investment in areas where they can expand their business. Before considering new investors There are clear criteria for consideration. This is for the mutual benefit of the franchisees.

3. Operation System
The heart of the operating system of "Baanya Steak House" is the products and services of our expertly trained team. with operating system Administration using a computer system linking branches and head office Allowing you to manage your business comfortably. and received assistance from headquarters This will allow you to manage your business efficiently.

4. Professional Training
Employee training will be held. So that employees are ready to perform their jobs. The training will focus on both using computer system tools. This is considered the heart of the operation and includes service training and knowledge about the management of the "Baanya Steak House" shop. The training consists of theory and practice in order to know and understand the actual problems. while working

In addition, there is also On-site Training or training at the actual location so that employees can understand and try to actually work. This makes it possible to face problems on the job site that occur in order to use the data to analyze the causes and find solutions to achieve maximum efficiency.

Franchise application process

Step 1
Complete the franchise application form with details.

Step 2
The company will consider preliminary qualifications. and consider the readiness of franchisees in every aspect

Step 3
Framchisee created a business plan to present "Baan Ya Steak House" and prepared for the interview.

Step 4
Once the franchise has been selected You will receive detailed information from the preparation process to opening the branch.

Step 5
Set the date to sign the contract for processing and pay the Franchise Fee.

Step 6
Franchises and their teams Receive training at the training center of "Baanya Steak House" according to the training program of "Baanya Steak House".

Step 7

The team of "Baan Ya Steak House" will provide advice on restaurant decoration. Preparing to open the service: Organizing a Grand Opening involves working together at the franchisee's store.
​When the franchisee has opened the store for at least 5-7 days to help the franchisee and the franchisee's team. Become more familiar with actual operations

Initial investment budget

Approximate initial investment 1.2-1.5 million baht (Depending on the area size from 40-100 sq m.) The average initial investment is approximately 1.35 million baht, with investment details as follows.

1. Deposit for the location or 3 months' rent in advance.
2. Store design costs (In the case of customizing the design)
3. Expenses for construction and improvement of the premises, including system work.
4. Furniture and decoration costs for the shop
5. Electrical appliances and equipment required
6. Technology systems and POS machines
7. Products for store opening 5-7 days
8. Insurance costs
9. License and registration fees for legal entities
**Does not include applying for a license to operate a food business**
10. Employee uniforms
11. Expenses to support the opening of a new store or Grand opening
12. Working capital

note :

This investment estimate does not include expenses during training. The franchisor must prepare for allowances or travel expenses for employees who must be sent to train with the franchisor throughout the training period.
***Presentation above It is an estimate based on current information obtained from the operating branches. This may vary or change without prior or subsequent notice. Calculation of investment for each project There will be a joint diagnosis again***

Training program

      โปรแกรมฝึกอบรมถูกจัดขึ้นมาเพื่อทำให้แฟรนไชส์ซี และพนักงานประจำที่มีความเข้าใจลึกซึ้ง ในการให้บริการลูกค้าได้อย่างมีประสิทธิภาพ "บ้านย่า สเต็ก เฮ้าส์" จัดให้มีปารฝึกอบรมความรู้ด้านการบริหารร้าน ความรู้ในผลิตภัณฑ์ให้มีคุณภาพมาตรฐานระดับสากล จัดหลักสูตรอบรมพนักงานทุกแผนกในระยะเวลา 25-30 วัน และมีโควต้าในการฝึกพนักงาน จำนวน 15 คน โดยแยกหลักสูตรดังนี้

- หลักสูตรบริหาร และจัดการร้าน

- หลักสูตรการบริการ

- หลักสูตรแคชเชียร์

- หลักสูตรบาริสต้าและเบเกอรี่

- หลักสูตรเชฟ และผู้ช่วยเชฟ

- หลักสูตรการตกแต่งจานอาหาร

- หลักสูตรการขนส่งและจัดซื้อ

Franchise application
1. Personal information
1.1 Name (Firstname & Lastname) *
1.2 Phone number *
1.3 Email *
1.4 Line ID *
1.5 Address
2. Investment Information
2.1 Province for investing
2.2 Is there an area for investment?
2.3 Size of area of interest (Area sq.m)
2.4 Location and details of the area
2.5 More info (note)
3. More info
3.1 How did you know about the Ban Ya Steak House franchise?
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